How Many Children Did Shakespeare Have?


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Shakespears had three children. His eldest daughter's name was Susanna, who was born on 26th may 1583. Five years later, his wife Anna Hathway gave birth to twin children, a boy and a girl. And they were named as Hamnet and Judith.

Susaana was bapitzed at Startford on 23th may 1853. while the other two kids were baptized on 2nd February 1858. His wife was pregnant with his first child before marriage, and at the time of their marriage she was pregnant with three months.

His son died at the age of 11. And the cause of his dead was Black plague, which at that time was a severe disease, which killed half the people of middle east. Hamnet was buried at Startford, on 11 August. And passed away in 1596.

At the age of retirement, he was with this two daughters who were with him at his last breaths. According to the records, it is been said that Susanna was married to a doctor by the name of Dr. John Hall. Until his death he was married to his wife Anna Hathway. He loved his children more then anything. And they were always with him, but the death of his son left him no heir to the Shakepears family.
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He had three one girl named  Susanna and twins named Hamnet and Judith later on Hamnet died at the age of 11.
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William Shakespeare had three children with his wife Anne Hathaway.

The eldest of these was Susanna Shakespeare (later Hall), who lived between 1583 and 1649.

The Shakespeares' had only one son, Hamnet, who was one of two twins and who died aged eleven of unknown causes. He lived from 1585 to 1596.

The second of these twins was Judith Shakespeare (later Quiney), William and Anne's youngest daughter, born in 1585 and died in 1662.
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Shakespeare was the father of three children. Susannah, Hamnet and Juliet. Hamnet, his only son, died, aged 11, in 1596,  when he was writing King John. Scholars may have detected his grief in the words of Constance, mother of the dead Prince Arthur, when lamenting his death. Juliet married Thomas Quiney in  February 1616. After celebrating with two playwrighting friends, Shakespeare was confined to bed with a serious chill. Then, his brother- in -law, a Mr Hart, died and then this same Thomas Quiney, was accused of making Margaret Wheeler pregnant, who died in childbirth along with her baby!  The acrimony , shame and  revulsion, was enough to kill Shakespeare!
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He had three. A boy and girl twin set, and a girl.
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This question has already been answered. Shakespeare had three children - you can find out a lot more about them here.
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Anonymous answered says that shakespeare had 4 kids daughter Susanna, twins Hamnet and Judith, and Edmund
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Edmund was his brother. He died, presumably from Plague, in 1612, Shakespeare paid for the funeral service, at St Mary Overy, Southwark, New Year's Eve, 1607, and also paid for a "forenoon knell of the great bell". This was an expensive funeral, costing 20 shillings!
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