Did Shakespeare Go To College?


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Because his father was a dignitary of Stratford, ie, Alderman, William Shakespeare was afforded an education at the KIng's Grammar School in his home town. At the age of seven, he would begin his day's schooling, and at the age of nine, he was introduced to Latin by his tutor, Simon Hunt, who impressed upon Shakespeare's mother the necessity of using a "crib", so, she bought him Ovid's "Metamorphoses", a book he kept with him all his life. At the age of fourteen, the boy was pulled out of school by his father, to work in the family shop, and learn the trade of "wittawer", or, worker in fine leather. Had he stayed at school, he may well have gone on to university, for Jonson tells us that Shakespeare "Knew small Latin and less Greek", but the "small Latin" he knew, would be quite enough today for a Classics graduate, indeed "Titus Andronicus" was composed purely in Latin.
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That’s a very strange question. Shakespeare lived in the 16th century. Do you really believe there were the colleges? Certainly, he went to school and the education there was so good that he was able to write the essays that you usually order on academic writing services. So, he had a good education for his time.

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