How Long Did William Shakespeare Go To School?


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Shakespeare first went to school at about the age of seven. He was introduced to Latin at the age of nine, and was pulled out of school at the age of fourteen to work in his father's business as a 'whittawer' or, worker in white kid leather (a glover). Had he stayed in school. He would have no doubt gone on to university,and studied one of three sciences, Law, Medicine or Theology, so he went to school for seven years.
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  During his time at school, he would have mainly been taught Latin. Other subjects, such as Greek, were to come later. In the senior years, he, and his contemporaries, were forbidden to speak English, and had to converse in Latin. A 'smidgen' of this occurs in King John, were Constance says "Grief fills the room up of my absent child, REPEATS HIS WORDS".  Repeating the Latin he had learned that day,  would have been an integral part of Shakespeare's study.

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