How Many Poems Did Shakespeare Write While Living In England?


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As far as is known, Shakespeare never left England at all. As there  are some years in his life where nobody is sure what he was doing, it is indeed possible that he may have travelled abroad during those years, but all the poems and plays that we have are dated later - after his arrival in London - and from that point on, we know more or less where he was at any time. So to answer your question: As far as we know, Shakespeare wrote all his works while living in England, though it is possible that he may have travelled abroad before starting to write.
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Syed Rizwan Ali Shah Hamdani
But you didn't tell me how many poems he write in his life and if possible than suggest me some websites from where i can find his great poems and also tell me his famous poem names, (Thanks!).
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There is, however, a school of thought that suggests Shakespeare may well have fought in the Low Countries against the invasion of Spain, as England desperately needed to keep Antwerp open for free trade on her wool revenues.
  There is also the suggestion,slight as it happens, that Shakeaspeare circumnavigated the globe with Drake!
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I would recommend,
and www,
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Nobody knows how many poems he wrote, he may well have written far more than he is given credit for, the sonnets, for instance, were written over a 10 year period, yet his three great poems are; 'Venus and Adonis', 'The Rape of Lucrece',and 'A Lover's Complaint'.

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