Do You Have Sample Letters Asking For Financial Assistance?


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Finding a sample letter is incredibly easy when you have Google on your side. There are many websites that provide sample letters for a number of purposes, and hence, without knowing what kind of financial assistance you’re talking about then it cannot be known precisely what kind of letter your require.

There are some things you must remember when you are writing for financial assistance, however, and those things include remaining polite and truthful throughout. The person or organisation that you may be talking to will need you to be completely truthful, and any attempt at distorting the truth may completely ruin any chance you have of obtaining any support in the first place. Hence, being polite and truthful will be incredibly useful for your cause.

However, if you want to make full use of sample letters found on the Internet, take note of the following link: This link provides you with a huge amount of sample letters that allow you to be able to contact organisations with the intent of obtaining some kind of financial assistance from them, when you’re in need.

The link provided, however, makes an important note: " Please modify for your purposes or write your own. Think carefully about the framing of these letters and the people you are sending them to - you may want to add, delete, or change words based on the responses you are likely to receive. PLEASE personalise them - the more personal and about you, the more effective.”

This is incredibly important to remember as not all of the samples that you’re going to find are going to fit your needs. By personalising them and editing them in places, you will make it look like you have written the letter yourself and you can ensure you put across exactly the right message.
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Yes - you can find a general example here. If you put more details into a search engine (eg 'sample letter requesting loan' or whatever you are looking for) you should find letter samples more closely matching your need.
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If he is a friend, you are better off calling him or meeting him in person. It makes a better impression, and it is easier for him to see your expressions that you really need it. Then, once he agrees to loan you the money you can suggest putting down in writing to guarantee that you will repay him (Promissory note). That way he may feel more inclined to loan it to you and trust your sincerity to repay him.
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Hi dear, I am ashamed to do this, but I'm in a financial bad situation,,,hope you don't mind. You know a single parent like me its not easy to handle 5 kids alone to support their needs, to settle all my monthly obligation. You know for the past 2 months my sales in cafe goes down, due to some problem in net connection. And bcoz of this I started have an arrears for my monthly rentals and for my electricity bills. And they asking me now to settle this problem as soon as possible. But I don't have enough money and time to raise the amount for this. Can you help me dear?
Can I borrow some amount to settle my problem? Pls don't think bad of me...I really feel shy to do this...but I have no choice..hope you help me..please!!! Thanks

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