Are You Good At Drawing?


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ReeRee Lynn answered
I wish I was.
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Anime Rocks answered
Yes i am very good at drawing here are some uploaded pictures of my drawings.
1. This is one of my manga drawings wich i made with only a grey led pencil.
2. This is a really good picture of a boy manga wich i taught my cousin when he was only 10 and this picture is really good for starters. If you would like to know how to draw manga drawings just make a comment on my answer and then i will teach you some basic instructions.
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Maxine Chan answered
Depends what I draw but i mostly draw monsters and bobble heads, also make collages but I use magazines for that :)
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Joe B. answered
Depends on what you want to be drawn.
I am good at abstract shapes, in the style of the late 1960s hippie counter culture.
But also rigid blueprints by the most soulless of designers.

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