Do You Have Any Sample Of Mortgage Hardship Letter?


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Hope this helps someone.

Month Day, 2009
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We, John and Jane Doe, are writing today because we are currently paying off a mortgage through your company. Recently, we have fallen behind on mortgage payments because of a financial hardship that has limited our ability to make monthly payments under the agreed upon terms. We are requesting that you review our current financial situation in order to see if we qualify to work out a new plan for repayment on the mortgage.
We are having trouble making the monthly payments under the previously agreed upon terms because of financial difficulties created by:
The recent crisis facing the auto industry coupled with rising food and gas prices. I am employed by CompanyName which is a direct supplier to General Motors. The downturn in the auto industry has affected my income by causing cutbacks in working overtime and being temporarily laid off several times. My wife, who is a teachers assistant, has also recently had a decrease of income due to severe winter weather causing school cancellations. Hers is not a salaried position. The decrease in our incomes have severely affected our ability to make the monthly payments. In addition we have had to unexpectedly spend several hundred dollars to repair our furnace and our 11 year old automobiles.
Presently, I am on short-term disability due to a knee injury requiring surgery. During this time I will not be receiving full pay. I do not yet have an exact amount of what my weekly income will be, it is estimated at $390 before taxes. This amounts to about 60% of what my normal gross weekly income would be. This also requires me to make medical payments to meet my annual deductible, which is another unexpected expense.
It is our utmost wish to keep our home and continue to make mortgage payments on the home in the future. At this time a mortgage modification would be beneficial to this process.
We, John and Jane Doe, state the information in this letter to be true and accurate to the best of our knowledge.
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With the flood of applications to banks due to the recently announced government programs, your letter will be much more effective if you're familiar with the programs and hit the highlights of what they're looking for in each program in your letter.

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