Could You Please Help Me Write An Appeal Letter To Get A Loan To Stop My Foreclosure? There Reason Is Because, I Was Not Suffering Financial Hardship. And I Am.


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A stock response will not be received well. It’s always best to customise any official correspondence. You will begin your letter with a greeting. If you know who you are addressing then use their name, formally ‘Dear Mr ______’. If you do not know the name then address it ‘To whom it may concern’.

You can use or reword the following opening: I am writing today in order to explain my circumstances and to request you re-evaluate my current finances so I may be able to come to an arrangement in regard to my mortgage. My primary aim is to keep my home and I would be grateful if you could help me do this.

In the main body of the letter you will need to state your case, detail when you went into arrears and explain the reasons why you may have fell behind. Some reasons that may hold sway with your lender could include unexpected hikes in your mortgage interest rate, unemployment, sickness or invalidity. A drastic change in circumstances such as bereavement or divorce, especially if involving a co-borrower. You will know yourself the reasons why you’ve been unable to meet your payments, just be honest.

After explaining your situation, give convincing reasons why your situation is likely to change, include any steps you are making towards this end, for instance looking for a second job, re-entering the workplace, help from charitable trusts or other benefits that you may be entitled to. At the top of the letter you will have provided your name, address, email and all telephone numbers. It is important to show that you are available and are not hiding from your responsibilities.

Finally your salutation should be formal and respectful. Remember letter writing etiquette requires ‘Yours faithfully’ for someone you don’t know i.e. To whom it may concern and ‘Yours sincerely’ if you’ve addressed the contact by name.
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Could you please help me to write an appeal letter to get a personal loan due to stop by bank. There reason is I got a loan  on 2001 and  I had to settle the loan  after the period witch they given me. The reason is I was an accident on that period an  I lost my job also, and my father was die in same period beacause I had to face heavy financial problem. Now they stop to given approval to release me that personal loan. I have to prepare a  appeal letter to get the loan, pls help me.
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I am suffering from Financial Hardship.  I own the house out right, but have to pay the yearly taxes and water bill.  In 2008 the water bill fell behind and not having employment I am unable to keep up.  I did receive help from my father, however he has since died.  I am not working currently and have to apply for disability.  I'm scheduled for foreclosure at the end of April 2010, how can I stop this?
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If you would like to have it written for you...for free...and have it sent to your inbox back within 48 hours, go to Online Mortgage Repair.  The website owner there is writing free hardship letters for the first 25 people that request it.  All he asks for in return is a short "thank you testimonial" after you receive the letter.  There is also a ton of information there that will help you write your own.

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