Can You Help Me Write An Appeal Letter For College Financial Aid? I Need Verbage And Format.


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Dear Office of Undergraduate Admissions,

I am writing concerning my tuition for the 2008-09 Academic Year. As of 4/21/08, my tuition for my freshman year stands at 52,000 dollars for the Fall and Spring term. This is because I have yet to receive a financial aid package, due to my recent submission of required financial aid documents, and my failure to receive any merit scholarships. I know that the office is currently working on my financial aid package and I am hoping that you guys would consider what I have to say.

My parents are struggling with the current tuition offered for my prospective education at Good University. Currently my parents are burdened with my brother’s college expenses, insurance debts and a physically demanding job in which they plan to retire soon because of the limits of their age. Right now we are trying to refrain from adding much more to our current debt by withdrawing large loans. Especially since the demand is 50,000 for 5 years (architecture).

I am writing this letter because Good University is my number one choice. I recently visited Good University (4/14) and my number two choice, Not-as-good Institute (4/18), which I also got admitted to. After comparing both schools from my visits, campus experience, information sessions, facilities and at-home research, I have concluded that I would much rather enroll into Good University. But the thing that is making my final decision difficult is the tuition. Not-as-good offered me roughly 20,000 dollars in awards and special loans. I am not asking Good University to match Not-as-good’s offer but to keep it in regard while considering my aid package.

My high school academics don’t garner much praise and I’ll admit that I haven’t tried/worked my hardest these past few years. But after my visit and much rumination I have realized that I really want to attend Good University’s School of Architecture and that I must change my academic habits and give it my all in order to meet the demands and expectations of a Good University student, a challenge that I undoubtedly accept. I am a hard worker and I hope to show the school the fullest of my capabilities if the school gives me the chance to prove so.

I ask for you to please take this letter into consideration.

Thank you for your time,
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It‘s simple, you have to put the condition you have mentioned here but in the start you will define her qualities and intelligence along with her academic situation in the past. Then you come to the present situation and whether she is willing for this work. You have to make sure of her being physically and psychologically healthy. Then most probably they will approve you for financial aid.
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I am writing in regards to my financial asking to please reinstate my funds . I have completed the required subjects and received excellent grades. I was able to pay for these classes this summer in hopes of returning to school with the help from financial aide for the fall.

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