Do You Have A Sample Letter Of A Courtesy Visit Letter?


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A courtesy letter is any polite or complimentary letter that relates gratitude - sometimes, the courtesy letter may also ask for something; however, any request made in this type of letter will be surrounded by kind words and positive sentiments, which makes it a bit different than a typical business letter. If you need a sample template of a great letter of courtesy, you can use this information to put your letter together; however, since there are so many different types of courtesy letters, you may need to adapt what is written here for you own purposes:

  • First paragraph:

Dear ______,

Thank you so much for agreeing to come and speak to the class during the Career Days event at our elementary school. We were very pleased to enjoy a speech from a law enforcement officer, and the children really liked meeting the special police dog (K-9) that you brought along. Many of the kids in the class are now more interested than ever in becoming policemen and policewomen. The information you provided in your talk was age-appropriate and very interesting, and we are so grateful that you accepted our invitation.

  • Second Paragraph:

We hope you enjoyed your stay at our grade school, and we also hope that you found the special luncheon menu we prepared for our community volunteers tasty. We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you back for next year. Of course, we will send on a reminder about the event a month or so before it occurs.

  • Final Paragraph

Please RSVP when you receive our reminder letter in the spring of next year. And please accept our thanks for a truly entertaining and informative Career Days speech.



As you can see, a courtesy visit letter is meant to make the person receiving it feel good about themselves; it is meant to reflect proper etiquette, great manners, and positive thoughts and emotions.

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