I Need A Copy Of A Financial Hardship Letter That Has Been Used By A Home Owner To Modify Their Mortgage. Does Anyone Have A Letter That I Can Look At?


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I  obtained my hardship letter from my lender ,CITI RESIDENTIAL LENDING, they faxed it to me.
It consisted  of two pages. The first pages has a heading HARDSHIP LETTER and below that is room for
your name and loan number, and then room for you to explain your situation.
The second page is titled Personal Financial Statement.
You are asked to list everything pertaining to your monthly income, your co- borrowers income etc.
You must list every monthly expense from child care to utilities to your cable bill to your food bill.
They do not have to remodify your loan and in my case they have turn me down .
I hope this helps it some small way.
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I need a copy of a financial hardship letter that has been used by a home owner to modify my mortgage.  Does anyone have a letter that I can look at?
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Go to: Http://HardshipLetters.info

There's a video about mistakes to avoid. This woman will also write your letter for you in two business days. I was very pleased with my letter!

Good luck!
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I need to write a hardship letter to submit to my bank, but have no understanding ow how to write it can you help me.
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This costs a few bucks but is a great option - see http://LoanModificationClub.com or http://HomeRescueClub.com (same products, different skins). We have one, of course, and a bunch more resources that will help.

Good luck!
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You put in your letter the reason for not being able to make payment as required in your contract and explain what you can do and ask that they take this into consideration....hope this helps you keep a copy of your letter for yourself and send the mortgage company one...  

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