Can I Have A Sample Of Guarantor Letter For A Friend Who Has Just Been Offered A Job?


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A good guarantor letter should include several things such as your relationship with the perspective employee and a list of personal qualities that make him the perfect candidate for the job. It is useful to give examples of how you know your friend has these qualities rather than just listing them.

An example of how you may say this is:

Start with 'Dear Sir or Madam,' then say 'I have known Mr         for         years whilst he was working for me in the capacity of supervisor for my company (You would need to explain how you know this person and what you relationship was to him - such as a work colleague, neighbor, volunteer, etc.)

Include something like "I have always found him/her to be reliable and trustworthy and an example of this is when a particularly demanding order needed to be processed and Mr ..... Turned up for duty consistently and was prepared to give of his own time and stay until the job was completed."

Some more examples of positive statements and how to give illustrations:

  • Something like "Work was always of a high standard and whilst we were working together Mr.... Won awards as employee of the month which was given for excellent customer service and attention to detail." would be positive.
  • "Another example of Mr.... Qualities is when he attended a telephone call from an extremely difficult customer. He remained calm and within minutes was able to gain the confidence of the customer and eventually resolve his complaint by persuading him to accept alternative goods."
  • "He is able to work within company policies and procedures and shows a good ability to grasp protocols."
  • "Mr.... Is an effective communicator and offers service with a smile"
  • "Mr...  Also has an excellent health record and has fulfilled all the duties expected of him in the past."

Including statement such as these will guarantee a positive impression and increase the chances of the success of the application. Please use this only as a guide and use accurate examples relevant and truthful to the applicant's history.

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