What Is Poetry?


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Poetry is an unusual or deviant use of language to express the sudden passion, feelings, pangs and happiness.
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The term 'poetry' defines the expressions of a human being that can be said to be quite personal and primarily it is an impulse that forces people to express themselves in the form of poetry.

Though there are no definite criteria that can describe that in what parameters you should write poetry, usually you will find that there is a rhyming effect in the poetry that people use to express themselves. The situation that people choose to write poetry can be of myriad of types and sometimes it is romance and in another case it can be even poverty that is prevailing in the society.

So you can conclude that poetry is an expression of deep feeling of human beings that they express when some thing moves them profoundly.
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"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful imagination recollected in tranquility". Wordsworth's definition about poetry is the apt one I think.
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Way poetry is important
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Poetry for me is how I feel at a certain time, or something has happened to inspire me to write. When I think of something, I write it down and MY poetry begins. When I had to put my beloved dog of 14+ years down, I wrote about it. It made me feel better and those who read to at Rainbow Bridge.
Poetry might not be the same to all, but for me I write it and I do it for me.
It words I put in writing that makes me feel better...

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