In Poetry And Fiction, The Main Reason For Using Vivid Words Is What?


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In poetry and fiction, The Main reason for using vivid words is what

A. Explain an idea.

B. Create a mental image.

C. Keep the reader guessing .

D. Illustrate the writer's bias.
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Like an artist using different colors on a painting, the colors used in litersture are those called as vivid words.
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Hmmm thats a tough one. I would have to say......chesticles, or breasts, is the main reason for this type of writing. Yes, its true I'm awesome. Heed my words!!!
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Writers use vivid words to make their creation colorful. Sometimes when it is necessory to give the precise emotion and feeling it is necessary to use the correct word that will be called as vivid words by the readers. Sometimes people use vivid words just to show that they know those words.
The vocabulary rapidly develops when you comes to writing and it is so natural to tend to use that knowledge proficiently.

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