What Is Meant By Rangoli?


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Rangoli is a form of painting that is very popular in India. It is practiced widely in the southern parts of India, though rangoli work is seen even in other parts of India as well. It involves painting patterns on the floor or the walls using white and colored powders, and is used to decorate the front portion of the houses on auspicious days as well as festivals. The term rangoli originates from two words – 'rang' – meaning color and 'aavalli' – meaning colored creepers or rows of color. The origin of the tradition of rangoli can be traced back to a legend mentioned in the Chitralakshana, the first Indian treatise on painting.

Most of the drawings in rangoli draw inspiration from nature. You would find depictions of different natural elements – flowers, creepers, peacocks, etc. in a rangoli. There are also a lot of geometric designs as well that can be seen in a rangoli. The term rangoli is used to depict such art work in the states of Karnataka, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. It is known as Aripana in Bihar, Alpana in West Bengal and Assam, Kolam in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Muggam in Andhra Pradesh, Madana in Rajasthan, and Chowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh.
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Rangoli is a form of decoration that people in India use to decorate their homes, which is made afresh everyday.
Rangoli is generally carried out in a series of well orchestrated steps.
First, one has to sprinkle water on the front yard, and then sweep it clean of debris and dust, and then make a neat patch and demarcated the area where one can draw the design.
One has to plan the design beforehand. While in the North of India people prefer to use colours for their rangoli designs, in the South of India people prefer to use white powder made out of rice. Dots are drawn, in an estimation of the design that will be created, and then the dots are connected in a mastery of precision. At times, red powder or 'kumkum' is used to brighten up the white rangoli, especially on festive occasions.
The rice powder used in Rangoli has a specific purpose; it offers little birds food!

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