How to write sick leave letter to manager?


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Managers can be very suspicious when it comes to sick leave applications, which is why it's really important that your letter includes all the information required, and is also professional and polite in tone.

Here's a list of information your manager will probably want to see in a sick leave letter:

  • Why you are requesting sick leave
  • How long you expect to be absent for
  • Whether there is any information you need to handover to a colleague or coworker in order for the business to not be impacted too severely by your absence.

I've created a short example letter template you could use to submit to your manager. Just make sure to replace everything in parenthesis with your own personal information:

Dear (manager's name),

I am writing to inform you that I have become unwell, and will require a short period of sick leave in order to recuperate.

Specifically, I have been suffering (name of illness), and after consulting with my doctor, I expect to be absent for (number of days), and will be back at work by (date of your expected return).

I have attached a document highlighting information that may be useful in my absence, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on (your phone number).

Best regards,

(your name)

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