How to write sick leave mail?


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Writing a mail to inform someone that you're not feeling well is pretty simple. The main thing to ask yourself: 'what information does the person you're informing need?'

If it's your boss that you're sending a sick leave mail to, then here are some things to consider:

  • Keep the tone professional
  • Be specific about what illness you're suffering from
  • Give an estimated date for when you will be back
  • Any information that your boss or colleagues will need to ensure business carries on with as little disruption as possible

Similarly, if you are writing a sick mail to a teacher or professor - excusing yourself from lessons, then your mail should include the following points:

  • What illness you have
  • When you expect to be back
  • Contact details in case the teacher needs to forward you learning material or extra information to help you catch up with on the lessons you've missed.
Whatever you include in your sick leave mail, remember to include the dates that you will be absent for - this is the most vital piece of information.

Also keep the tone of the letter polite and slightly formal, and you should be just fine!

If you need a sample letter for a sick leave letter, then this is a great page to check out:

Good luck and get well soon.

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Dear sir

I am suffering from fever since last night so kindly grant me permission for one day.

Thank  you & regards

p.rama narasimhulu

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