How to write sick leave letter to school teacher?


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If you're writing a sick leave letter to a school teacher, I would recommend including the following things:

  • The illness that is keeping the child away from school
  • How long they will be absent for
  • Any medical or doctor notes that might be relevant
  • Daytime contact details incase the teacher needs to get hold of you

Based on the above points, I have created a sample sick leave letter which you could easily customize for your own needs and send over to your school teacher in order to be excused from school for a few days:

Example of a sick leave letter for a school teacher

Dear (teacher's name),

I'm writing to inform you that (child's name) has come down with (name of illness), and unfortunately will need a period of sick leave in order to recover.

After checking with (child's name)'s doctor, I have been advise that he/she will be absent from school for (number of days), and you can expect him/her back in the classroom on (date of child's return).

If you would like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact me on (daytime phone number).

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