How to write sick leave letter?


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If you're planning to write a sick leave letter, there are a few very important pieces of information you will need to include:

  1. The specific reason you are taking sick leave.
  2. How long you expect to be absent for.
  3. What you have done to ensure your employer or organization is covered as much as possible in your absence.
  4. What the best way to contact you is.

Sick leave letters are inherently tricky to write because, if you're feeling to ill to work, then it is likely that you won't feel much like sitting in front of a bright screen typing out a letter.

Luckily, I've created a template you can use - just switch out the parts in bold text for details that are personal to your situation.

[Sample Sick Leave Letter]

To whoever it may concern,

I am writing to notify you that I have become unwell (mention the specific illness) and, after consulting my doctor, I am requesting a few days of sick leave in order to recover.

The doctor has recommend I take (insert numbers of days off), and I hope to be well enough to rejoin the team on (date you will return).

In the meantime, I have taken the following steps to ensure the rest of the team is covered during my absence:

- This is where you would list the actions you've taken to cover your responsibilities

- This can be things such as informing colleagues about tasks they can monitor for you

- Or emailing clients/third-parties arranging to attend to business on your return

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