How to write sick leave email to boss?


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Emailing your boss when you get sick can be rather daunting. The best thing to do is to keep the email brief, and highlight the most important information.

Such as:

  • What illness you're sick with
  • How long you expect to be sick for
  • Things that will remain unattended in your absence, that need looking after
  • The best way to contact you in case of emergencies or problems.
  • Reiterate the exact date you expect to be back by (this makes a good reference for your boss should he want to look up the day from his inbox)

Like I mentioned earlier, when emailing a boss about sick leave you want to keep it fairly brief. The last thing you want to do is clog up your boss's inbox with a long essay about your latest illness.

Instead, keep it to-the-point and professional, and you shouldn't have any problems!

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Sir i am felling fiver so that today i can not adent the company 12 /09/017 to15/09/17 . Plz the dr advjice

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