Who were the closest persons to william Shakespeare?


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Anne Hathaway I should think,
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In a professional sense, the actors with whom he mostly worked.It is well known that Shakespeare would consult with the company as to who should play which part when writing a new play, and would often write the part for a specific actor with his particular traits, (speech patterns, mannerisms, in mind, etc,)  A part most illustrated by scholars in this sense, is that of Justice Shallow, in 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'. Written especially for John Sinclair. A very tall, extremely thin, and sallow man, whom Shakespeare would call 'Sin' or 'Sinclo' in the script. 'Sinclo' had a lugubrious, hand dog expression which perfectly suited the character of Justice Shallow. The main character was, after the retirement of Edward Alleyn in 1593, Richard Burbage. Shakespeare's principal roles, forever in English Literature, Henry V, Othello, Lear Macbeth, Hamlet, were all written for him. He even played Romeo, a part for a teenager! Burbage was about 33 at the time! Other members of the company would play roles mostly associated with their 'presence' on stage, That is, their known persona. John Hemmings, (A stutterer!) and Augustine Phillips, played the parts of grand old men, (Montague and Capulet), Henry Condell would be Mercutio, Horatio. William Kemp, and later Robert Armin, would portray the clowns, (Shakespeare wrote parts for 13 clowns in his plays), The most famous being Launce, with his dog, Crab, in 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona'.  The female roles were all played by young boys whose voices had not yet broken, (Shakespeare in Love), which tells mightily of Shakespeare's faith in the boys, when they took on the parts of Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, and Cleopatra, in his later works. Unfortunately, no cast lists exist to tell us who played who, but Nathan Field, a very well thought of young man, probably portrayed the majority of the these intense, female roles.    (Hope this helps!)

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