At what age did William Shakespeare start writing?


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William Shakespeare appeared to have start writing in 1592 and one of the first known works of his is Venus and Adonis (1593). Given that he was born in 1564 (year his baptism is recorded in), this makes him aged 28 at the time he started writing. However, some sources claim that he started his writing career at 34, but logistics clearly point to him being aged 28.

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He must have been writing well before 1592! He was probably involved in other writing projects as a contributor.(Some plays at the time had as many as six 'hands' writing it.)
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Age 28.
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At the age 28
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He was pobably writing well before 1592.
This is the date at which he is 'recognised', in London, by Robert Greene in his attack on Shakespeare with the 'upstart crow' insult.
Prior to that, Shakespeare had already offered at least three, if not more, works to the Queen's Men, including 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona', 'The Taming of a
Shrew', and the three 'Henry V1' plays.
He was 'writing' from about 1587-8.
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At 28!

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