What Famous Writing Group Was Shakespeare A Member Of?


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If it was famous, then it was so for quite another reason, however, Shakespeare did write with a group of 'University Wits', as they were called.
This group of about six or seven comprised, among others, Christopher Marlowe and George Peele.
Marlowe became principal writer for the Admiral's Men, a company that performed at the 'Rose', a theatre on Bankside owned by Philip Henslowe, Shakespeare became his 'apprentice', shall we say, and learned to write tragedy through this brilliant playwright.
Shakespeare lodged with Peele, and, one day as he walked through Peele's study, he noticed a manuscript on Peele's desk. Upon closer examination, he saw that it was the first act of a play Peele was writing called 'Titus Andronicus'.
Shakespeare did no more, but picked it up, took it to his own room, re-read it, and then added the second and third acts!
Peele wrote his part in Latin.
Shakespeare finished it off, in Latin!

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