Do You Think That The 'Monalisa' Looks Happy Or Sad In Her Picture?


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I think she has a very enigmatic look.  Possibly, so that people would wonder what she was thinking about, all these years after her portrait was painted.
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Michelle (Elle is my nickname)
I watched a documentary on this very subject a few years ago and this is the conclusion they came up with: It's a self portrait...They measured each facial coordinate and they matched perfectly with the coordinates of DiVinci's self portrait! They also said that men and women have certain facial features that are almost always seen on either the male or female face and this woman shows signs of having male facial characteristics. Just take a look at the features...they look just like those of his self portrait only softer.
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I think Leonardo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa as a female version of himself and her expression is a knowing smile.
The reason I think that is because no one was ever able to figure out just who the woman in the picture was.
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Charming Gurl
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do you know that under the mona lisa there was another picture? but Leo Dav. didn't like it so he drew another pic above it! interesting huh?
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Very interesting. I didn't know that. I'll have to do some reading up on the subject. Fascinating.
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I think that she might look confused!
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I really think that she was thinking about things that made her think that there are small things in life that makes you smile at least a little once in a while.
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I think Mona Lisa looks "knowing" in that picture. It does resemble a smirk, and her eyes almost seem to hold this glint of knowledge to them. Perhaps wisdom. It seems like there's something she knows that we don't (and never will). There is power in knowledge, of course...

And she's abusing it to confuse those who view her portrait! CONFUSECONFUSECONFUSE!

...-Coughs.- I'm okay. It's late and I'm tired. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it. :]
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I think it look like she is depressed, but is trying to smile for the picture!
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I think it was hard to pose for a picture for so long that her smile wasn't very big. Either that or she wanted to make all of us think "What am I thinking about?" Peace
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I think she just looks content. But also like she know something that you don't know, something that could just ruin everything. Something that makes her seem a bit sad.
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Ya know what that look says.. :GIGGLE:  it says..
Ive seen Leonardo naked.. And I am gonna blackmail him with the info..  

we will never know.. It could be the smile of a modest innocent who is thinking.. What do you mean smile.. I am smiling.. What does he want from me?????
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