Falling action of how my brother Leon brought home a wife?


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'How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife' is a piece of colonial literature written by Manuel E. Arguilla. It was the main story in his collection 'How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife and Other Short Stories', which won first prize in the 1940 Commonwealth Literary Contest.

The 'falling action' in a piece of literature is the resolution - the moment of reversal after the climax when the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist unravels. It is the part of the story where the climax has finished and the conclusion is nearing.

The conclusion to Arguila's story appears to be somewhat serene and contemplative as Baldo considers the contrast between his life in Nagrebcan and the new life Leon has with the beautiful Maria elsewhere.

Arguilla was an Ilokano writer who lived between 1911 and 1944. Most of his stories depict scenes in Barrio Nagreban, Bauang, La Union - the place of his birth in the Philippines. Arguilla's birthplace remained strong even after he moved to Manila to study at the University of the Philippines.

He completed a degree in Education at the University in 1933 and would go on to become the president of the University of the Philippines' Writer's Club and editor of the University's 'Literary Apprentice'.

Arguila became a creative writing teacher at the University of Manila and worked at the Bureau of Public Welfare until 1943. During the Second World War Arguila secretly organized a guerrilla intelligence unit against the Japanese. In October 1944, he was captured by Japanese troops at Fort Santiago. Arguila was tortured and executed by the Japanese army as a result of his actions.

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