What Is Your Favourite Opera?


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I must admit that I haven't seen too many of them, to truly judge them.  Clearly, I'm not an operatic expert, at all.
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I LOOOOVE The Phantom Of The Opera.. I Bought It On DVD.. I Want My Own Phantom.. I Wrote A Poem Called " The Phantom Cries For You" I Want To Be Able To Understand What They Are Saying.. I Love "CATS" A Lot Too. I Love Operas Where There Is Love Triangles I Guess.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Purpless. Did you ever publish the poem.
Annie Devore
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Yes keithold i did.. I never cry; and the end of this one got to me which is very very rare. So i had to write a poem about it.
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Sorry, I'm not an Opera fan either.
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I'm not into opera.i'll go with the barber of seville sung by alfalfa.
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My favourite opera is "The Magic Flute".
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You know I do not have a favourite one yet. But my European History Professor brought me around to a better appreciation of them.  Any of the great classics would be nice.

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