Plot Of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife?


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The plot of How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife is as follows:
  • The wife meets the brother for the first time
  • They journey home with conversation and a song
  • The husband asks the wife if she is afraid as they near home, bringing about the main character's own reaction about how the family will welcome home his brother and new wife
  • The brother sees to his father's request while the family talks
  • The brother resolves what it would be like to have his own wife
A plot in literary terms describes the events that happen in the story with a pattern or sequence to provide a concrete theme. Plot is often considered as the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
In How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife, the story begins with a curious mixture of descriptions as the main character, the brother, meets his brother and new wife. The wife is someone no one at home knows and was quite unexpected.

For a part of the journey they talk about the wife being able to see stars in order to show us that the wife is different from the country region she now lives in providing the rising action.

At the climax, the wife admits to being afraid now that they are nearer to home, unaware that the father has asked the main character to test her.

The wife and family meet discussing many things in a 'get to know' each other manner.
All the while the brother, the main character, considers what he has been asked to do in order to test the new wife and finds her worthy, perhaps as an example of what he will someday find in a wife. The main character has resolved to accept the new wife based on the tests he provided her.
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Climax of the story how my brother leon brought home a wife
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