What is the conflict of the story entitled " How my brother Leon brought home a wife?


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Written by Manuel E. Arguilla, the short story, "How my brother Leon brought home a wife", features a conflict that deals with two opposing cultures and how they affect relationships. In this story, the differences between people in the cities of the Philippines and people who live in the country's rural areas are explored, and these differences add gravity and resonance to the storyline.

  • Budding relationships

This story is meant to illustrate the ways in which we are all influenced by our unique upbringings, cultural mores, and even our financial situations and status levels in the community. The impact that "class" has on budding relationships is explored in a unique and meaningful way. This story features lots of colorful characters, and a realistic depiction of family relationships and the changes that occur to these when a new person is brought into a family.

  • Powerful words

This type of literature uses everyday situations to inspire emotions in the reader; there is also an element of spirituality which is evoked by the power of the narrator's prose speech. In general, the people of the Philippines are known for their Christian (usually Catholic) faith, and this sense of faith and spirituality tends to come out very strongly in their traditional folk literature. People who share this sense of fatalism and Christianity may relate more strongly to the story and its underlying meaning.

To learn more about Manual E. Arguilla's story, try to find a copy online, or buy the anthology where it is published. If you enjoy reading this particular story, you may also enjoy reading other examples of this Filipino author's work.

People from the Philippines may relate most strongly to this type of literature, but it does have a universal appeal, and anyone who is part of a family will understand many of the morals and situations found in the story.

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