What Is The Plot For Lost And Found By Anne Schaff?


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Lost and Found is about a girl named Darcy and her little sister. Darcy is sort of a non-ghetto 15-year old who is very intelligent, but doesn't really have friends(lost). Darcy's little sister WAS as nice as Darcy(long ago), but now...ever since she has been hanging out with her "ghetto" friends, she begins to change into a rebel. Darcy later on begins to make friends with a girl she used to think was a stupid,but then becomes her friend(found) because she likes her(as a friend). A while later, Darcy's little sister then happens to get hit by her gangter-wannabe boyfriend and many bad things happen to her life. Darcy then gets involved in her little sister's problems until one day  her little sister dissapears(lost), but her father finds her in a mountain-side of their town(found). The title basically tells you the whole plot.

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