What Is The Resolution Of The Story How My Brother Brought Home A Wife?


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I believe the book that you are asking about is called 'How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife' which is written by Manuel Arguilla, which is the book (short story) that is most well known for. Below is a summary or synopsis of the short story 'How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife'.

  • Summary.
The book begins with the protagonist Baldo and his elder Leon sat together. Baldo narrates the story, which is about their journey to the city of Nagrebcan to meet the brother's parents. They are waiting for someone to arrive by carretela. Baldo catches a glimpse of his brother's wife and is blown away by her beauty. Leon's wife, Maria, is nervous about meeting her husband's parents for the first time. As they travel, Baldo learns about life in the city of Nagrebcan compared to their life in the city where Maria first met and later fell in love with Leon.

  • About Manuel Arguilla.
Manuel Arguilla was born in 1911 and died in 1944. He was an Ilokano writer who wrote his novels in English. He was also martyr and patriot. As mentioned before, he his best known for 'How My brother Leon Brought Home a Wife' which has become very widely distributed across the world. He married another writer who wrote in English, Lydia Villaneuva. It is unknown whether they had any children.

The majority of Arguilla's stories take place in Nagrebcan which was where he was born and raised. After writing most of his well known books, Arguilla became a creative writing teacher at the University of Manila. He was later promoted to be on the Board of Censors and actually set up a secret guerrilla intelligence unit that operated against the Japanese. This lead to his capture and torture and eventual by the Japanese in Fort Santiago October 1944.

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