I Have A Singer Model 9410. The Bobbin Case Will Not Stay On The Lip That It Rests On Below The Slide Plate. If There Is Any Tension At All On The Bobbin It Pulls The Bobbin To The Right Which Pulls The Bobbin Case Off Of The Lip That It Rests On?


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I have the same model and it is tricky getting the bobbin casing to stay in place. After setting the casing in place are you moving the lock over to lock it in? If not, on the top left corner of where the casing sits is a silver slide that moves back and forth to barely cover the edge of the casing, but it will hold it in place and keep it from coming out. Hope this helps!
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I have a problem with my 9410 model's bobbin. When I am finished threading eveything and start sewing my bobbin thread comes out and gathers like a grass skirt. How do I keep the bobbin thread from gathering so I can sew normally?

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