How To Thread The Bobbin On A Montgomery Ward Model 1980 Uht J?


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How to get your Montgomery Ward UHT J 1980 sewing machine ready to sew

It's really difficult to find anything much about this machine online, so I can see why you asked your question!

I'm quite surprised by how little information there is available, as it seems likely that a lot of these machines would have been made - although the company Montgomery Ward no longer exists, since its last  remaining stores were closed in late 2000/early 2001.

As another Blurtit user has said, seem to be the main source for user manuals for most types of machine, including yours.

As well as user manuals, this company also provide free sheets on specific procedures such as winding the bobbin, threading the machine, and fitting the bobbin case into its housing.

I find that these things always confuse people who haven't used a sewing machine before, especially the processes for threading and inserting the bobbin!

Another possible source of user manuals for the Montgomery Ward UHT J 1980 seems to be

If you're like me, you'd prefer to be able to watch someone showing you how to use your machine - but, although I've spent quite some time searching, I couldn't find a video tutorial for winding the bobbin for your particular machine.

However, most machines are basically very similar, and so I've attached a couple of videos here, of two different types of machine, in the hope that one of those will help!

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