How To Install A Bobbin On The Kenmore 385.15108200?


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Detailed instructions for installing or threading a bobbin on Kenmore sewing machines vary between models. Generally speaking, however, the process roughly consists of a few simple steps.

  • Access to the Bobbin
This may vary depending on the age of a machine. On older models, the extension table has to be removed by sliding it over to the left, followed by flipping the so-called shuttle cover down towards the operator. On newer models, the bobbin is accessed through the top, usually below or just behind the presser foot. The needle, by the way, should be lifted to its highest possible position.

  • Removing and Loading the Bobbin Case
By pulling on the bobbin case latch, it is then possible to remove the case from the shuttle. On releasing the latch again, the bobbin is released from the case. The fresh bobbin is loaded by sliding it, ensuring that the thread is running clockwise, into the case. The thread is then fed through the case's slot and pulled underneath the tension spring, pulling out about three to four inches of spare thread.

  • Replacing the Bobbin Case
Holding the latch on the bobbin case up, the case is now positioned back into the shuttle, and then released to lock into position. Some models require the latch to be aligned with a groove in the shuttle before it is released.

  • Catching the Thread
After raising the pressure foot, the thread coming from the needle is held loosely, while the needle is dipped into the so-called throat plate by turning the hand-wheel. Tugging on the thread coming from the needle will bring up the bobbin thread. Both threads are then pulled to the rear of the pressure foot.

If none of this makes a great deal of sense, a free manual can be downloaded from ManageMyLife.

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