How Do I Wind Bobbin On Kenmore 158-12511?


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Elle Snyder answered
The center of the big wheel is a nob that is the clutch- release it by turning it (the center part) towards you. Run thread from the spool on your machine pulling the thread to the far left around the bobbin winder tension disc, which is on the left front edge of the machine.  Take thread to the bobbin (held in your hand) drawing thru a hole (along the bobbin edge) from the inside out.  On the far right top of the machine is the chrome spindle you put the bobbin on and the white bobbin winder shaft. (They are side by side)  Push the winder shaft to the left if it isn't already there- until it clicks.  Put the bobbin on the chrome spindle holding onto the thread that comes up thru the hole. Push the winder shaft to the right. Keep holding the end of the thread. Start the machine. The held thread will snap off. Bobbin will stop when completely filled.  Push winder shaft to left to remove bobbin. Tighten the clutch nob (center of big wheel) by turning it away from you.  Remove bobbin.

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