How Do I Thread A Bobbin On A Singer, 4552 Sewing Machine?


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I remember the first time I needed to do this with a new Singer Sewing machine. One good thing about sewing machine manufacturers is they always provide good directions in the manuals, which come with the machines. The first thing you want to do is get out your manual and in the table of contents look for the page entitled, winding a bobbin. Read the directions and locate each piece on the machine, as read.

You asked how to thread the bobbin and so I am not certain, if you have already filled the bobbin with thread or not. If you have, then just insert the bobbin into the housing unit, which holds the bobbin beneath the plate. Pull a thread through the little slip in the housing unit and let it extend about two inches out of the bobbin unit. Push the unit onto the post and close the metal plate to cover the opening.

Take the thread extending out of the needle in your left hand and turn the wheel of the machine with your right hand, so the needle pushes down into the bobbin housing unit. When the needle comes back up the thread of the needle should have attached itself to the thread from the bobbin. Pull the two pieces of thread so about two inches of thread are seen. Lay them down on the metal plate and start sewing.

If you need to fill your bobbin with thread, then you first first read the directions again and follow them step by step. The diagram will show you each step. Take the bobbin out of the little casing and place it on the little post, sticking out of the side of the machine. Push the bobbin back against the wheel at the end of the post. Place a spool of thread on the post extending upward on the top of the machine, just above where you placed the bobbin. Pull the thread from the spool down and through the lever near the bobbin and pull it down the bottom of the machine where you see a little wheel. Pull the thread around the opening in the wheel and then pull it up to the bobbin. Slip it through a hole in the edge of the bobbin and wind it around the bobbin three or four times. Hold the tread taut and gently push on the pedal, as you do this the bobbin will begin to fill with thread. The thread should move left to right as it spins onto the bobbin.

Clip the thread when the bobbin is full and return it to the housing unit. Move your spool of thread back onto its normal post and retread the needle. Once the needle is threaded and the bobbin is in place slowly turn the wheel of the machine with your right hand, hold the thread from your needle in your left hand and lower the needle through the bobbin plate hole. As the needle rises up your bobbin thread should be attached to the needle thread. Good Luck!

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