How Do I Do A Rolled Hem On Sears Kenmore Serger?


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Follow the instructions and you'll soon be performing rolled hems on your Serger with ease;

  • You need to start by changing the standard needle plate that is found on your Serger, which is used for most sewing and embroidering methods. You will need to change this needle to the rolled hem needle plate. Many different models work in different ways, so you will have to consult your user manual if this following step doesn't work - this assumes that your Serger model works the same way as most other models. You will need to loosen the screws that hold the needle plate in place, and you can find these screws by looking underneath the presser foot. Once you have located it and loosened the screws, then all you will need to do is put the rolled hem plate in place of the one that was there beforehand.
  • You will then need to loosen the clamp or the screw on your Serger machine. This clamp, or the screw, will actually hold the left needle in its place. You should then ensure that the rolled hem is using only the right needle, or you will experience problems when you are trying to perform the hem.
  • Once this is all done and correct, you should then ensure that you set the stitch length dial to between 1 and 2. These numbers represent millimeters, and these numbers are the perfect length for when you want to perform this kind of rolled hem stitching method.
  • You then need to adjust the width to 1.5, so that you do not experience any problems when performing this stitching method.
  • Finally, you need to place the fabric you are stitching underneath the presser foot so that the edge is one eighths of an inch from the needle. You can now begin stitching!

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