How To Instructions For A White Brother Sewing Machine Bobbin Thread?


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1.ok if you slide open the tray where the needle goes up and down you'll find the bobbin spool placement.  What you want do is press the big knob to the right of the machine so that the button inside is one side tilted in.
3.there is a small metal rod that stands out of the top of the machine place the empty bobbin spool on it after you thread 4.the top hole with the thread coming directly from the spool of thread that you are choosing to use for your bobbin.
5.make sure the thread spool is locked in place with the place holder (it looks like the cap of something).
6.take thread to the left loop it under the hook that is standing out from the top back side of machine.
7.then imediately come back over that same hook a loop it under the place holder on top.
8.the rod that you placed the empty thread bobbin spool pull it forward so that the rod is now more to the right of the machine.
9. Press gently and slowly on your foot peddle as you guide the thread while is winds to the spool.
10.  Once spool is full to liking cut the thread leaving at least three inches of thread so you can move to the next step...
11. Place the bobbin in the empty bobbin chamber to where if you were to wind it up you would have to turn clock wise.
12.there is a metal latch that you will take the thread (from bobbin ) through from right to left so the thread is now latched behind the metal part.
13. Now slide the the metal  TRAY closed so that the thread is now sticking out of the crack where the trays meet.
14. Put rod back in place, put big knob button back in place so that is no longer tilted re thread needle
15. Now turn big knob on the right side of the machine north
once  then when the loop catches the bobbin thread pull it through making both the bobbin thread and regular thread at least 4 inches long now you are ready to sew!

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