How Do I Sew A Curved Hem?


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Are you doing a wide hem or a narrow hem? What fabric? Knit? Wool? Poly-cotton blend?

For a narrow hem, follow Aicha's directions.

You may prefer to use a separate wide bias facing or fully line the skirt. Either is ideal on curved hems. With wool, it's possible to steam the hem into shape, but that's a technique more advanced than a full lining or a bias facing. Each of these won't leave the stiff edge a narrow rolled hem will produce.
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It is very difficult to master the art of stitching, especially when it comes to technicalities like these. In order to prevent the pucker, you must decrease the layer of cloth as you continue stitching towards the edges. Here is a link that will give you step by step instructions on how to do it:
Curved Hem

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