How Do I Sew A Shirt?


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Sewing a perfect shirt needs some amount of practical training with cutting and stitching. However, I will enlist the different steps for completing the process of stitching. The requirements will be a good pair of scissors, a sewing machine, thread to match the colour of the shirt, shoulder pads (optional), temporary marker to mark the places before a cut is made.

First you need to take a series of measurements on the person for whom you are trying to make the shirt. This is necessary to get the proper fit. The necessary measurements will be the length from shoulder to thighs, the width of the shoulder, length and of the hands, diameter of the arms, measurements of the chest, waist and hips. After having the measurements, you must mark the measurements and cut out the main body of the shirt along these marks. Next cut out the arms, collars, and cuffs. Make sure the length of the cuffs are included within the total length of the arms. Now stitch the cuffs to the arms and stitch them back to the shirt. Stitch the collars to the neck line and then stitch the two side of the body of the shirt. Make the button holes and sew the buttons. Last step will be to iron the shirt to take out the creases that might have come from handling while stitching. Your shirt is ready.

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