How Do You Sew A Dashiki?


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The dashiki is a shirt. In fact the word dashiki means shirt.
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Dashiki or dasheki is a kind of a long skirt worn by the blacks in Africa, Caribbean islands and the United States. It is worn loosely and come in very bright colours. It is said that this garment got its name from Nigeria. It is a type of a traditional outfit in Yoruba. It was worn in the African countries due to the hot and humid climate but it was a symbol defiance and rebellion In United States. It is an outfit worn by men.

I think the best way to learn how to sew a dashiki would be to check out a book on ethnic wear or a website that would offer you the instructions on how to make such outfits. You should know the basics of sewing before you venture to make a dashiki. You can also draw inspirations or designs from the various sites or books which model different types of dashikis made out of different types of fabrics.

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