Is There A Free Online Manual For Singer Sewing Machine Model 9410?


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There may be a manual available online from this website:

However, the instructions to use this sewing machine are relatively easy to follow. This particular model of sewing machines has a turn dial which can program a variety of speciality pattern stitches, which can individually be adjusted by changing the length or the width of each stitch.

In order to start up the machine the first thing you need to do is plug the foot control into the bottom right socket of the machine and connect the main power cord to an electrical socket. Then, turn the machine on by flicking the switch from 'O' to '1'. After that you'll be ready to start.

It's important that you wind the bobbin properly otherwise the sewing won't work correctly. In order to do this, get a spool of thread and place it on the spindle, and then attach the spool cap to hold the spool securely in place. Once that's ready, you should snap the end of the thread into the guide so it will hold it in place and then wind the thread in a clockwise direction through the tension disc.

Pull the thread through the hole of the bobbin and keep hold of the thread as it starts to wind up. Make sure you push down on the foot controller and wind the bobbin until it reaches the rim edge, then turn off the machine and slide the bobbin to the left to loosen it from the spindle and trim the thread. Select the number of a pattern by turning the dial so the arrow is facing it. If you have a thick or thin stitch, adjust the width dial but if you have a long or short stitch, adjust the length dial.
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1)  Go to  From the "I am looking for" drop down menu, select "Instruction
3)  To find your particular manual, enter W and then your model number
(9410) in the search box.
4)  Click on "Search".

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