How Does One Fill The Bobbin On A Singer 6235 Sewing Machine?


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1. Load your thread from the spool, all the way through the machine, threading the needle, then through the guide in the presser foot (it's a small slit on the left side of the presser foot), and then wind the thread snugly around the screw above and to the left of the presser foot holder (chuck).
2. Insert your empty bobbin in the bobbin case in the base of the machine. The bobbin case is under a little sliding door with a clear window below the needle. Slide the door towards you to open it.
*N.B., your machine uses special bobbins, that have a cone-shaped metal piece on the top. That little metal cone should be on the top side.
3. The little door has a triangular marker arrow on the left. Match it up with the arrow on the machine (the door will be slightly open). *This is a tricky thing, and may take you a couple of tries to get the arrows aligned correctly. (see below)**
4. Use your foot pedal to make the machine run. (The needle will be moving up and down, so don't worry).
5. Check in your little window on the sliding door to see if the thread is winding on the bobbin. **If not, you do not have the arrows matched up correctly, so try moving the door a little bit in or out, and try again. Make sure you remove any thread from the inside of the bobbin case  AND the bobbin before trying again.
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It is quite easy to fill a bobbin; all you need is to read detailed instructions and tutorials that could help you to thread a bobbin. You can check this website to get instructions.
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I have this machine; (copied from book) Raise needle to highest position by turning hand wheel toward you; raise presser foot; open slide plate; turn pattern selector dial until green indicating dot lines up under Straight Stitch/Bobbin Winding. Put an empty bobbin, with black rings facing up, into bobbin case; close slide plate, lining up marks on slide plate and machine bed; this engages the bobbin winder. Bring thread from needle, under presser foot and wind it one turn in any direction, around presser foot screw, pulling it into spring groove on screw; begin running machine; the window in the slide plate lets you watch the bobbin winding. When desired amount of thread has been wound, stop machine. DO NOT ALLOW THREAD TO WIND BEYOND THE OUTSIDE "FULL" RING. Remove thread from presser foot screw; close slide plate, returning machine to sewing position; raise needle to its highest position; pull 4" of thread under foot toward back of machine, and cut. To begin sewing, position needle in fabric where desired, lower presser foot and start machine.
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Thank you very much for this response! After spending hours of working with other responses, I found THE one that concisely provided me with the directions of how to wind the bobbin!!
Have a great year... And please keep answering questions as you did here!
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Thinks for the info it worked.
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You will receive a bobbin winding spindle along with the machine. Secure a roll of thread on the sewing machine and pass it through the thread guidelines of the sewing machine. In some machine, the guidelines for winding the thread are different from that of sewing itself. Place the bobbin on the spindle and place the spindle on either side of the machine.

Let a few inches of the thread pass through the one hole in the upper portion of the bobbin. Make sure that the needle is disengaged while you thread the bobbin. To begin threading or winding the bobbin, press the presser foot, you should hold the end of the thread while the bobbin is being winded. There is a line on the edge of the bobbin, stop threading by releasing the presser foot when the thread reaches that line. Cut the thread and the bobbin is ready to be placed in the bobbin case.
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Threading a bobbin depends on the type of machine. Singer Company manufactures different types of sewing machine. As the model varies, the method of threading the machine also varies.

In a general machine, first of all you need to turn off the power and raise the needle, to its farthest extent. Slowly raise the presser foot. Then hold the trip of the thread. Move the hand wheel towards you in such a way that the needle goes down and raises up. Then slowly pull the thread of needle to get the bobbin thread. Then open the loop, and finally pull the threads back. In this way you will be able to thread a bobbin of singer sewing machine. However, there are different ways to thread different machines. Once you understand how to thread a machine, next time you will do it faster than before.
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Just take the thread which is loaded through the needle still and wrap it around the bobbin. Put the dial on number 5. Move the metal part that closes the bobbin to the arrow. Don't close all the way. Press the foot petal and it will load.

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