What Are The Types Of Fiction Genres?


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There are many types of genres in fiction, the most popular being fantasy and romance. Other types of genres include horror, crime, humour, parody, drama, angst (mostly used in fanfiction), historical, mystery, satire, saga, science fiction, thriller, poetry (which includes subgeneres such as dramatic, lyric and epic), adventure etc.

In some novels, genres are mixed, for example, a fantasy novel may include elements of romance, horror and maybe even historical.

Deciding which genre to catagorise a novel under can be a difficult decision for a publisher. It is important that the book is given the correct genre, otherwise it may not market well. This also applies to films, which include genres based on settings, moods, and age. Genres for the setting include crime, sport, war, westerns etc. The film's mood includes genres such as adventure, action, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy, mystery etc. The age catagories that films are divided into are children's film, family film and adult film.

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Well I have ten here they are:

Fairy Tales
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Culture Fiction

there are lots more mate lol

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