What Are The Kinds Of Narrative?


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There are a variety of types of narrative and a considerable amount of sub-genres within each type of narrative. However, in general terms, the different types of narrative include written, spoken, song and even imagery.

  • Written narratives.
There is a huge amount of written narratives available. The most popular and widely-recognized form of written narrative are books. They can be stories, poems, fables or even non-fictional books. A narrative by definition is a construct that has been placed into a suitable format, so any sort of story that is written down could be classed as a narrative.
  • Spoken narratives.
In most cases, these spoken narratives will take the form of a script for a theater production or a poem that is read aloud. However, spoken narratives could also include a person simply telling their recollection of an event that happened to them, as this still constitutes telling a story. Written narratives can easily become spoken as soon as they are read out aloud.
  • Musical narratives.
There is most likely a fine line between musical narratives and the other two aforementioned narrative types. This is because musical narratives can either be songs that are written or sung, as well as other formats such as opera or ballet.
  • Narratives through images.
This format is relatively self-explanatory as a story is told through the use of pictures or other imagery (perhaps including dance). However, in most cases, this will also feature some form of spoken or written narrative to help tell the story of what the imagery involves.

The telling of these stories is known as narration and this can be in three types; first person, second person and third person.

First person narrative is when the story is told from the storyteller's perspective e.g. 'I went to the beach'.

Second person narrative is when the story is told through second-personal pronouns e.g. 'You went to the beach'.

Third person narrative is when the narrative voice refers to characters as 'he' or 'she' but never with 'you' or 'I', unless through dialog or quotations.
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short stories
fairy tales
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Hi Romulo - A narrative is about a story of events, it could be a fable, a myth, poetry has a narrative, in other words it tells a story, like a novel - what was the plot. A narrative also has a structure, and its about form and if want to interrogate it, we can ask the questions 'What', 'Who', 'Where', and there's plenty to write about is there not? Are you interested in fact or fiction - Well good luck. And a hint good writing does not need to remind you that it is being written.... Guess you have a great story to tell. Good Luck
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The fundamental objective of any narrative is to communicate. This is true whether it is a written or spoken narrative, fiction or non fiction, formal or informal. However, if you mean 'what is an objective narrative?' that is a method of telling a story where the narrator is not openly involved in the action or biased, but seems just to recount the events with no personal opinion.
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There are many different types of stories, with different labels. Narrative: The broadest sense is: Anything told or recounted; more narrowly, something told or recounted in.

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