Si-Fi is one of my favorite genres. If any, what is your favorite starship from the science fiction genre?


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The best is Stargate Universe's ship, Destiny! How can you not like an ancient ship launched many thousands of years ago by the most advanced race in the galaxy. It is so old that it relies on an old fashioned FTL (faster-than-light) drive instead of a hyperspace drive. Also, it recharges it's energy supplies by diving into a sun! Don't mind me, It's my inner geek coming out. :D Best of luck to you!

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The Sulaco from "Aliens " ! Carrying the Space Marines to LV-426.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
A video game was actually created out of the alien movies. A friend of mine has played it and said it is the most intense game he's ever played.
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I am sorry to say that I have never heard of these movies. :( I looked them up, they look really good.
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You just have to see Alien and Aliens ! The first two are the best !
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The SHADOW "planet killer" from Babylon5.

Actually, any of the SHADOW ships.

OH!  The Magog Worldship from Andromeda!

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