How Many Kinds Of Novel?


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There are many types of novels - a few examples would include alternative history novels (such as those written by author Harry Turtledove), sci-fi novels (such as those written by author Phillip K. Dick), romance novels (such as those written by author Barbara Cartland), and coming of age novels (such as those written by author J.S. Hinton. Basically, the genres of novels are as myriad and diverse as the human imagination itself.

Types Of Novels

• Romance novels are a popular genre and they sell strongly, even in recessionary markets. Romance novels usually feature a formulaic storyline, where a goodhearted heroine will face a series of conflicts and obstacles, before finally meeting the alpha male of her dreams. While these novels rarely offer any stunning social insights or commentary, there are exceptions; for example, the novels of Jane Austen have mane typical "romance novel" elements, but they are also very witty, expository, and revealing. Jane Austen novels, such as Pride & Prejudice, reveal plenty of information about the English class system and the constraints it placed on men and women of the era.
• Young Adult novels are written for teens or slightly older adults - novels, such as Twilight and Harry Potter are prime examples of this genre. Sparkly vampire and magical wizards inspire young adult readers, who enjoy the drama and magic of these supernatural storylines; however, a young adult novel doesn't have to be just has to appeal to certain audience, and be appropriate for that particular age group, or demographic.

These are just a sampling of some popular types of novels - the local library will be a good place to find out more, as they often subdivide their fiction novels into genre categories.

Many people enjoy reading a "favorite" genre, but few read that genre to the exclusion of all other types of novels. Experimenting and reading different sorts of books can be very satisfying.

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