Where Can I Read A Vampire Academy Novel Online For Free?


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You will be able to read a Vampire Academy novel online for free at this site: It works because users upload and share books for others to enjoy, and they cover all genres including children's books.

'Vampire Academy' is a series of six books for young adults and are paranormal romances by Richelle Mead. They are the story of Rose Hathaway who is a 17 year old Dhampir girl, training to be a bodyguard for her best friend, Lissa Dragomir, who is a Moroi.

The stories revolve around trying to defeat Strigoi, who are evil vampires at the Academy, and of Rose's forbidden romance with her instructor, the handsome Dimitri Belikov, while her relationship with Lissa becomes stronger to the point where Rose is able to read Lissa's mind and know how she is feeling.

The original six books in the series are to be followed by another six in August of this year in a spin off series. The third book in the current series, 'Shadow Kiss' was the first to make the New York Times Best Seller list (at number four) but each succeeding book has had a place, including the number one spot when 'Spirit Bound', the fifth in the series was released in 2010.

In June of last year, Preger Entertainment got the film rights to the Vampire Academy series with Don Murphy as producer, though there has been no mention yet of who is being cast to play the various parts. A graphic novel of the very first book is due to be released in August of this year, adapted by Leigh Dragoon and illustrated by Emma Vieceli, all in all making the series a very successful one for its author and creator.
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I officially love the person who commented above me. :D none of the links work and German is my favourite language to speak. ^-^
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I don't know I have the same. But you can try on Google.
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Hmm ucan try to go to the official people or get an audio reading at youtube... Although I recomend the audio reading for hard of sight people and not others because it is a bit messed and would be better if you read the books at www.vampireacadamy/online :) try it it works :)
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Anonymous answered has the first 2 books of vampire academy
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Don't listen to them I have searched each & every one of those sites and did not find it I however partial it may be you can read a bit of each book at click at the link at the bottom it`s so easy even dampkof could do it P.S (dampkof translated to english is german for idiot
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Anonymous answered you can find all three books and I think a lot of other books in the world...I'm not sure...but all three books are there!! Dimitri is my fave charcter!! :-P
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Anonymous answered for vampire academy. Trust me.... Unless they deleted them....then you should keep looking. But definitely

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