Give Me A Sample Cover Letter For Mechanic.


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Give Me A Sample Cover Letter For Mechanic.
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I wouldn't use any normal cover letters for your resume - get to be acquainted with the company with which your applying to I can only give an example of mechanics as this is the industry we run but I hope you will get a scheme from this.

Dear Sir/Madam
I am lettering to you in application for the location of Mechanic in your business (business given name here).
I notice in your business you specialize in automotive air conditioning, this is an area I would love to find out more about, I have some knowledge in this area but I am keen to find out more.

I have 1 year practice as a qualified mechanic with (a business name you have worked for) and in my personal life I have also stripped and re-assembled several cars as a hobby.
I would like to work in this business as it is a passion and impressive I love to do.
I would love to hear back from you with regards to arranging an consultation. I can be reached at 123456789

Yours truthfully
Phone number

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