Can You Give Me A Sample Of A Letter In Shifting Course ?


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If you wish to write a letter about moving onto a different course, you could simply request to move from the course you are currently on, to a different course, as long as the institution you are attending runs that particular course.

The letter should be addressed to the course leader of each of the courses in question, as the course leader of the course you are looking to join will need to be aware that a new student may be joining. This is important because there may be an issue with spaces on the course, or too much work may have already been completed on the course for you to be able to catch up without it affecting the other students on the course. The letter could be worded as such:

'Dear (course leader name)
I feel that it would be in my best interests to discontinue my studies on the (current course name) as I am struggling with certain aspects of the course. I would like be transferred onto (name of the course you wish to attend) as I feel this would be more beneficial to me at this particular time. I would be grateful on your feedback regarding this matter. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience?

Yours sincerely

(Your name)'

It may also be a good idea to include your student identification number and any other relevant details, which may prove useful to both course leaders in question. Your address and telephone number should also be inserted somewhere in the letter so you can be contacted by the course leaders to discuss the matter.

There are examples of many different letters available on the Internet if you would prefer to look at other templates. Two useful websites that have some example templates available are and

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