Can You Give Me Sample Of Request Letter For My Diploma?


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The question posed is a little vague or incomplete, however it can only be assumed given the limited information in your question that you have either misplaced or lost your diploma, or that you have yet to receive your diploma and perhaps you may be getting a little nervous or anxious over not having documentary proof of your qualifications and achievements.

While you could write a letter requesting the diploma be sent out (so long as it's not a crudely stated GIVE ME MY DIPLOMA OR ELSE, made from cuttings of newspapers and magazines) a simple:

Dear [name of contact]

I am writing to request

Scenario 1: A copy of my [type of educational institution] diploma

Scenario 2: Confirmation that my [type of educational institution] diploma has been sent out, and if not when I can expect to receive it?

I completed my studies in [month and year] attaining my [course title or honour).

Please send my diploma to the following address: [your address]

Yours sincerely

[your name]

This should suffice, although you may find it quicker and more convenient to either visit your school or college and enquire about it in person, or you could telephone them to request advice on the procedure you would need to follow in order to chase up the missing diploma or in the alternative circumstances, acquire a copy of the original diploma.

In the situation where you are simply awaiting to receive your award it may be that these diplomas have not been sent out, as many educational establishments can take between three to five months before issuing diplomas, which is fairly common timeframe for receiving certification of any kind. Where you have lost or misplaced your diploma there may be a fee or administration charge applicable in view of obtaining a duplicate.

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